To create spaces that enhances the quality of life

Through Space World, our vision is to take Space India’s and Trukon Housing's journey of life refinement onto the next level with an unparalleled portfolio of world-class amenities that range from passive to active recreation and from landscapes to streetscapes.

We aim to offer families shifting into Space World’s pristine environs, the kiss of nature within the inviting ambience of a ‘Green’ project. It symbolizes the perfect synergy of luxury, wellness and economy at the foothills of the scenic Matheran hills offering Space Worlders a home, that’s a holiday experience for life.

We are focused on guaranteeing that our offerings are progressive, in front of the circumstances, benchmarked against best worldwide patterns and rehearses and worked around our recognizing clients' needs. We guarantee that the biological community we work in, the society around and all individuals who encounter, draw in or line up with any part of the spaces we create, really feel the separation and positive effect on personal satisfaction.

Our Mission is to make integrated townships and lifestyle that gives something other than spaces to live and work out of. Keeping this vision near our heart, we have turned into the physical face of another era. We have turned into the aggregate mind of an energetic India's vitality, drive and imperativeness. We have turned into the dialect of new energy, of prosperity, of satisfaction that starts with an individual, and comes full circle into the prosperity of a whole society.

Welcome to the Space, you’re World for life.