Mr. Vinay Singh : Director, Space World

A .......... school alumnus, Mr Vinay Singh has been on the Board of Directors since the inception of Space World. With over decades of experience in the real estate industry, he brings on board his one of a kind vision, administration hones and worldwide way to deal with the function, extension, expansion and administration of the association. With passion for design, he gets included in each venture and imagines it as though he were to by and by utilize it.

Mr. Santosh Shetty : Director, Space World

It is important to dream. A dream gives focus and direction to life. However, dreaming for others makes that life, far more fulfilling.

Mr Santosh Shetty is a Computer Engineer by qualification. He is instrumental in making Space India a well-established name in the real estate domain of Navi Mumbai. He forms an integral part of the Space World and is the energy behind the day to day management.

Mr. Kalim N. Shaikh : Director, Space World

He is a qualified Management professional in Marketing & Operations (MBA), He has his expertise in Marketing, Business strategy formulation, Capital generation, Investments, and Management.

With his extensive experience at HDFC Bank, Mr. Shaikh has handled housing loan & mortgage portfolios since 2005. He deeply understands the legal and technical policies in India. He has understanding of demand and supply. He understands the financial markets well and also today's financial need of the business as capital generation, investments.

He believes wealth creation & distribution to stake holders and has delivered the same